What Qualifies your company for this specialized chain saw training are as follows:

  -   Qualification's:

  -   Must be a registered company with W.C.B or OHAS.

  -   Must be willing to follow all W.C.B. or OHAS Board Safety Rules and

     Regulations to the Best of the company's ability.

  -   Must use all appropriate ( PPE Equipment) Personal Protective

      Equipment and be willing to supply these or have employee's who

      supply these item's them selfes.

  -   Hard Hats, CSA approved foot wear, Proper approved work

      gloves, Safety glasses, Safety shields or plastic visor, CSA

      approved  bucking pants or chap's, Close fitting work cloth's. High vise vest.

  -   Must have Supervisor or (Some one who is in charge) Go through

      this course as well so your company will  have a means to  right

      fully implement any of  the W.C.B. or OHAS rules and regulations

      on chain saw safety for implementing  employee's on following these guide lines.