History on experience of the developer ,Experience- 26 years logging in British Columbia :

    I have spent most of my life logging in this beautiful country and have worked with some really great people

    during these times.I started out as a choker man and soon became hooked with the passion of being outside

    everyday and found that I loved being there.The challenge of knowing everyday that every time you (set a bead)

    or (hook up your logs) that the situation was different. So from there I eagerly pushed forward asking guys

    questions and watching everything they were doing. Soon I was tending hook my self and loved the passion of

    being able to have your lines way up in the air and see those humongous logs ridding there way to the landing

    for transportation.


    After a couple of years I ran into a gentleman that took me under his wing and taught me a lot of great things.He

    has passed on some time ago to a logging accident and his words still stay fresh in my mind today,  With every

    person you work with,take  their best tool and put it in your own book and one day you will become one of the

    good hook tenders. I still today work by that rule. I have worked on almost every type of yarder and

    skidding show and spent most of time falling and rigging trees.


 -  13 years as a safety captain with Canfor.

 -  Representative of United Steel Workers Occupational Health and Safety Training.

 -  Training for one on one resolutions with other employee's.

 -  Training in conflict resolution for union and managment.

 -  Certified Trainer.

 -  Advance Level 3 First Aid.

 -  Conferences involving safety issues as a (Rustad Employee) & (Canfor Pulp) Safety Captain.

 -  Rigging and Lifting Training.

 -  Level 3 First Aid.

 -  Fall Arrest Training.

 -  WHIMIS Training.

 -  Kaizan Training.

 -  30 years tree topping and falling experience.Currently operating with Aspen Tree Services in Prince George.B.C.

 -  Basic Forestry Supervisor.

 -  Advance Forestry Supervisor.

 -  Certified Faller.