Train  The  Trainer: ( Corporate only )


  -  Cost - For the complete program (Per industrial site). Mandatory every 2 years - recertification of 

      trainers cost per trainer, $ per km travel and accommodations when applicable. Applicable % G.S.T.

  - This program is only valid when we sigh an agreement between (Your company and O-Brien Trianing)

     as this program is  published, Owned and Operated by Robert Bardsley, Instructor/ Developer.

  -  We recommend you have at least 4 trainers and (1 supervisor, mandatory) by W.C.B and Enform rules and

     regulations along with 5 employees in the first course which I will instruct myself. Total of 10 people all included

     in program cost.


  -  You can choose and select between any 4 programs, Chainsaw, Pole saw, Brush Saw, Cut off saw.


  -  You may mix and match any 4 of these course to fit your company needs.

  -  Your Train The Trainer employee's or managment personal  will receive a session on how to train this course to

     other employee's.

  -  This session gives your trainers an opportunity to ask any further questions they might have on training this


 -   I strongly suggest that when you select your Trainers  they are good learners, have some

     prior experience with power chain saws and some confidence to talk in front of a group of people for 


 -   We also discuss ways on how to implement W.C.B. and OHAS rules and regulations to other employee's.

 -   Ways to improve the company's existing training.

 -   Responsibility on training other employee's.

 -   Ways of improving Chain saw maintenance and safety use.

 -   How to properly Report unsafe acts of chain saw use in a work environment.

 -   We review all W.C.B and OHAS Safety Rules and Regulations on chain saw safety.

     This train to trainer is for Corporate companies only.